Do You Know Your Rights?

You are involved in an accident, but it's not your fault? Do you know what rights you have then?
We as a motor vehicle assessor office, give you some tips to fall not just in panic after an accident.
Far known is that the insurance of the accident perpetrator, pays for the damage. Is that really all?
These are the rights you have if not the accident perpetrator:

  • A Car / Motorcycle appraiser and expert
  • You can hire an attorney if there are any problems between the Car / Motorcycle appraiser and the insurance of the person causing the accident.
  • For a Professional repair of your car, a repair shop of your choice
  • For the days of your vehicle is in repair, you will get a sum of money to hire another vehicle. (For that, you need to provide the insurance a photo of the repaired vehicle)
  • If your vehicle has a total damage, you have the right to rent a vehicle until 14 days
  • If except your  car, even valuables (glasses, watch, cell phone, laptop, etc.) have come to harm, they have to pay for the damage..
  • If after the accident you become health problems, you have to go to the doctor, you will be paid out the treatment and the taxi ride.
  • If your health got harmed, you are entitled to damages.
  • If your health problems lead to you losing your job, this will also be compensated.
  • If the harmed person is no longer engaged in house hold and no longer engaged in gardening, the injured party, this will be calculated up to 20-25 hours / week (10 € per hour) and get paid.
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