Repair Confirmation

Repair confirmation, is a document, that the insurance of accident causers wants to see. There has to be confirmed that the vehicle is repaired.

When is a Repair confirmation required?

A repair confirmation is required if you have tried to repair your vehicle on your own or if the receipt of the workshop, for what reason ever, is not valid.

Why is repair confirmation required?

For the insurance, the repair ronfirmation is a proof that your vehicle has been repaired.

This repair ronfirmation is needed for the insurance to cover up for the cost of car hire, while your car was in repair.


Recommendation of an expert:

If in a new accident your vehicle is damaged at the same area and you do not have got a repair ronfirmation, you will receive no money by another accident.

Of course, it's your decision if you want to have a repair for your car or not. Where and how the repair to take place, is your choice. Getting your vehicle as repaired, is only important to get no problems next time.